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RS TX系列高流量干式快速接头
RS TX系列高流量干式快速接头
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     STANAG 3756






Roman Seliger TX系列高流量干式快速接头

Highest efficiency – best ergonomics and compliant with STANAG 3756

Extremely high flow rates, quick maintenance, high ease of use

In addition to the highest flow rates and the lowest maintenance, the TX series couplings also provide many innovative extension functions that optionally provide even better ease of use and more safety.


Due to the standardised bayonet joint as per STANAG 3756, the TX coupling is compatible with all other construction forms available in the market so that the permanently installed connections need not be exchanged in order to use the TX coupling.


The basic principle:

The TX dry disconnect couplings consist of two coupling halves (male and female sections), each of which is equipped with a disc cut-off valve. Coupling is performed by pushing the male half axially into the female half. A rotary motion creates an impermeable connection between the two coupling halves. Further rotation by approximately 100° opens the valves by transmitting a sliding action into the centre of the male section, which opens a ring-shaped flow channel. During decoupling, the rotary movement is carried out in the opposite sense: the flow channel in both coupling halves is impermeably sealed before the coupling halves can be separated.


The main advantages:

A unique feature of the TX series is its flow rate. Its flow volumes are up to three times as high as those of comparable couplings which allows to save valuable working time. So, for example, unloading a 80m³ rail tank wagon takes 240 minutes less than when comparable products are used. This means that 4 hours of labor costs can be saved!

Further more the ergonomics of the couplings are a quantum leap compared with the customary standards: Numerous innovative details provide relief in the various phases of the coupling process. This way, a special control cam geometry ensures that the coupling halves are pressed on during the coupling process and released during decoupling. Furthermore an intelligent sealing concept provides immediate pressure equalisation and less friction while the valves are opened and closed. Both special surface treatment of the movable parts and the maintenance-free high-performance swivel joint reduce friction during the coupling process.


Locking and releasing the coupling halves with both hands on the handle is possible using optional rocker switches. The handle needs no longer be released for decoupling. So this means higher security at lower effort.


The TX series also is easy to maintain Due to the modular structure, the complete sealing unit can be removed from the couplings, thus exchanging the O-rings within a period of 3 minutes only – that is ten times faster than with comparable couplings. So almost 30 minutes working time are saved here and downtimes are reduced. The usage of particularly long-lasting materials allowed reducing the number of O-rings to be exchanged by 50%, which not only reduces maintenance but also the costs significantly. The TX coupling is impermeable at any time and meets the usual RS safety standards for the protection of humans and the environment.


新生代STANAG干式接头(Dry break coupling

TX满足了时下对干式接头的最新要求,同时接口形式是久经考验的STANAG 3756的标准。TX干式快速接头由两部分组成(公头端和母头端),两端均有截止的阀门结构。接头的连接通过将公头轴向推进母头完成,旋转连接使得两端过程无泄漏。旋转100°左右,公头端阀芯滑动,阀门开启,形成环形流动通道。反方向旋转接头,两端分开。流动通道在两端分开前就迅速关闭密封。

TX 连接和打开




· 节约时间和成本——流速优化设计确保了流量最大化,压力损失最小化

· 操作驱动力小——创新的几何构造和材料应用显著减少了造成高耗能的内部摩擦

· 最高的带压连接力——先进的密封设计实现了耐更高压力的连接和断开

· 连接方便——引入先进的动力概念,使得连接断开更自如。

· 维保最快捷——模块化设计,即使是现场维护,也仅需几分钟,节约时间和金钱。

· O型圈成本降低——减少了50%的弹性密封件,维保成本最小化

· 集成高性能旋转接头——低维护成本双排滚珠设计,压力适中,摩擦力小,高度耐切向力

· 手动锁定拨片——(选配件)集成止锁机械结构,更安全、更人性化的操作方式

· 恶劣工况稳定性——优越的结构保证在高流速,压力峰值和振动情况下保持稳定性

· 工厂系统集成标准化——连接过程公头端阀杆不会向外凸出,避免造成和对接管道部件的掣肘


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  • 客服: QQ
  • 客服: QQ
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